Post-Construction Cleaning

strong style=”color:#187d90″>Are you looking for a post-construction cleaning professional to help complete the job? Look no further than We Prime Cleaning! We offer comprehensive post-construction cleaning services that will enhance the look and feel of your newly renovated project. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will use the latest cleaning technologies to ensure that your premises are spotless and ready to handover to the end-user. From dusting walls and cabinets to deep-cleaning carpets and floors, We Prime Cleaning will have your post-construction project looking its best. We can also provide additional services like window cleaning, floor waxing, and power washing. Our competitive rates and customized estimates make us a great choice for construction managers and companies who need a reliable post-construction cleaning provider. Contact us today to request an estimate and get your project done right the first time!

Post-construction cleaning typically includes tasks such as:

1. Dusting and wiping surfaces
2. Removing construction debris
3. Sweeping and mopping floors
4. Vacuuming rugs and carpets
5. Washing windows, walls, and ceilings
6. Cleaning fans and air conditioning vents
7. Sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms
8. Cleaning and polishing fixtures, hardware, and appliances
9. Cleaning moldings and baseboards
10. Cleaning light fixtures, lamps, and blinds
11. Cleaning and buffing floors